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Monday Musings: 08.05.2013 Edition August 5, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in meal plan monday.

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Is it just me, or does it seem like the weeks are just going faster and faster?  Remember when we were kids, and the summers just went on and on, day after day of long, hot, sunny days, and it would be ages before school started again?

Yet here we are, barely got the snow shovels put away, and already we’re picking tomatoes!  Well, cherry tomatoes, but still.

Dudes, it’s AUGUST!


Oh, important news.

We got the household’s first “smart phone.”  I’ve got to admit, I feel a little lame, for a couple of reasons – the first being – were we the ONLY people left under the age of 75 who still use “dumb phones?”

Also – this thing is hard to get used to!  I keep touching the wrong letters, and not swiping hard enough, or swiping too hard, and it makes random noises . . . just wow.

I’m thinking of asking the Boy to give me smart phone lessons.  How sad is that?


 photo IMG_7732_zpsab8b7c3b.jpg

Remember how last week, I told you about digging up the garlic?

Well, since we now had an empty row in the garden, I decided to try again with a second crop of green beans. Last year, I think I left it until too late, and they just didn’t have a chance.  This year, the seeds went in the ground just a week ago, and they seem to be doing quite nicely, don’t they?


Ah, we took a quick trip to the beach this morning.  It’s been a good week since we’ve taken the Big Lug for a swim – his tummy’s been acting up,   delicate little flower that he is.

Well, let me tell you – he was VERY excited to be there!  The first thing he did when we got there was ran down the hill to the shore just a little too fast – I caught up just in time to see him go tumbling over – (excuse my potty mouth) “ass over teakettle”!  But you know, he just leapt right back up and made a dash for the water anyway!

Unfortunately, he was STILL so excited when Peeps tossed the ball for him that he kind of misjudged where I was standing and came barreling into me – he didn’t knock me down into the wet sand – thanks goodness! – but BOY did I wrench my back!

I am totally not used to back problems – I’m sure I’m being a much bigger baby about this than I really need to be,  but WOW I’m sore!


 photo IMG_7730_zps4046a4a7.jpg

Back around the time  I put the lettuce in the garden this year, this random squash plant came up in the same place (probably from a seed that had ended up in the composter).  Since it didn’t seem to be hurting anything, I left it alone – after all, it seemed strong and healthy, and the lettuce wouldn’t be there long anyway.   So long as it didn’t bother the tomatoes, I decided not to bother it.

Well, the random squash plant is apparently a butternut -it’s even got a couple of wee little squashes on it!

 photo IMG_7734_zpsead911c6.jpg

Unfortunately, I seem to have exercised some poor judgement when it came to the wee little squash and tomato plants that peeked out of the corners of the composter itself.

“They’re just a couple of little plants,” I said.

“What’s it going to hurt?” I said.

Um, yeah.  And I can’t bear to hack them down now – they’ve got little squashes and tomatoes on them.  Why, that would be like . . . vegetable infanticide!


How’s this for some fantastic news?

Most of our regular readers know about our Jar and his problems with other dogs – he was demoted from his first advanced obedience class a couple of years ago, and we ended up putting him on Prozac for a few months, then a special class for (ahem) FEISTY dogs, along with basic obedience and other opportunities to interact with strangers and strange dogs.

Well, the hard work and effort have started to pay off – we’ve been participating in a doggy playtime on the weekends, and, although he’s still a little shy, Jarly’s starting to get the hang of being around other dogs – and not wanting them dead!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.   No real plans for the week – no outings planned, and things are starting to settle down at work for the time being.

We’ve decided to institute a monthly “no-shopping week” – we’ve got a very limited list of absolute essentials, but other than that, we’re going to eat out of the pantry and freezer – and stash the week’s grocery money for major meat purchases later on.

Again, we’ve got a mild week ahead, weather-wise.  I’ll tell you  a gal could get used to these kind of temperatures all summer!

 photo 7_day_zps20bd2a95.jpg

Monday – We just realized that we haven’t had any fresh burgers to speak of all summer – what the heck?  Peeps dug a package of sirloin out of the freezer (he’s pretty sure it’s the last package) and he’ll grind that together with some bacon scraps – how’s that for a bacon burger?  We baked beans this weekend because (1) we haven’t in so long, and (2) we’ve got an awful lot of dried beans from last fall that haven’t been used.  The burgers, on homemade rolls,  with the beans and tossed salad, will make a lovely summer dinner, don’t you think?

Tuesday – We haven’t had our tandoori chicken in . . . a really long time!  Chicken’s in the freezer, so that’s up for Tuesday, along with basmati rice and probably green beans.  We’ve got ’em, to be sure.

Wednesday – While thumbing through the current issue of Cook’s Country, I saw a recipe of Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes that looked good.   While I don’t have enough fresh tomatoes (yet), I do have a bag full of them that I stashed in the freezer.  That should work.  And although we don’t have the fresh spinach, we do have a mess of already blanched and drained kale from last fall.  We’ll make it work, and work well!

Thursday – We’re thinking some pork loin chops, brined then grilled over charcoal with some dried corn cobs – we want to try drying corn cobs to use for smoking – this is an experiment!  I have the mustard greens from last week’s market trip ready to saute, and we’ll probably have some more baked beans, since they’re there and all.

Friday – Last week, I had tomatoes for pizza night – and let me just say, Fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza – how I’ve missed you!  This is my go-to pizza now for the rest of the season.  Maybe I’ll mix up the herbs, and I might even swap out the mozz for provolone, but it’s fresh tomatoes all the way!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Anne - August 5, 2013

Well dagnabbit!! Now I’M the only person under 75 with a dumb phone (well, me and DH). Phooey. I hate being in a class by myself. I’m not opposed to smart phones, but I can’t bring myself to pay the monthly fee for stuff I get along just fine without. (Fine bit of English writing there, eh? :)) So enjoy your phone, I’m still trying to figure out how to get the pictures off of my flip phone.

Toy Lady - August 6, 2013

Oh, I know what you mean – but this one actually ends up CHEAPER than the old plans – AND cheaper than the house phone, for that matter.

And about the pictures – I usually end up sending photos as an attachment to a text message to the home g-mail address. OR at least I do when I can remember how to get to them . . . 🙄

2. Karen - August 6, 2013

I have an iphone. I “think” it’s a 3gs (or something like that). It’s a hand me down from my computer/geek husband. His is an android. Yeah, whatever that is – it’s fancy schmancy and he knows how to use it. One of my co-workers has a NEW iphone and is going to class at the iphone store to learn how to use it. Who knew you could purchase classes with people younger than your youngest pair of shoes? Yeah, me neither. My kids just roll their eyes, mutter under their breath and tell me/show me what I need to know. I’m afraid to upgrade! (They might dis-own me)

On a semi-happy note, our garden sucked big buckets of pig slop this year (the only non-curse worthy way I could show my disappointment) however we used our compost on all of the gardens. Accidentially grew tomatoes all over every fricken’ flower bed & the herb garden but also accidentially got 2 spaghetti squash. THAT is the blandest veg I have EVER tasted. Finally figured out the cut it in half, rub it with garlic, salt it, pepper it and bake it until done and then fill it with whatever and warm it up to eat. Best ever marinara (marcel hazen (?) recipe) was placed on it with a little sausage and a some shaved parm. Yummy.

Live and learn.

I love your gardens and I freely admit I am completely jealous. I’m also jealous of your black lab. I sooo miss my big Girl dog. But our “new” dog, Mr. Happy (oh, yes he is) is just fine. But I really miss my lab.

Toy Lady - August 11, 2013

Heh, at first glance, I thousght you said “HE is an android. . . ” 😳 😆

Our Jar is a good boy – he’s just enough lab to be playful (he had ZOOMIES the other morning at the park – THAT was a treat! :shock:) but enough “other stuff” to keep him from being TOO obnoxious, you know? Wow, those labs get WOUND UP, don’t they? LOL

3. judy norton - August 7, 2013

What a basket full of things to comment on! Jar – what can I say. My neighbor upstairs has a female version of Jar (spoodie) who has all that same energy. I witness it several times a day, up and down the stairs. She gets to run along the Rio Grande river in place of a beach. I hope your sore back is feeing better. The garden is such a delight. I used to find hidden surprises too when I was doing mine. I could never “kill” a plant that was “doing something” either. The food looks great and how your both deserve those pickings and your pizza loves it too.

I only have a dumb phone and probably always will. DD has an I-whatever and it confuses me. 🙂 But, don’t hesitate to have an expert tutor you as long as you have it. You want to use it I would think.

Enjoy your grilling weather. It has cooled here again with LOTS of rain and more humidity. UGH. This is not high desert weather at all. Until next time. I will be gone next week to see my sis. 😦 🙂

Toy Lady - August 11, 2013

I’ll be thinking of you, Judy, with your sister. Be well. 🙂

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