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Monday Musings: 08.12.2013 Edition August 12, 2013

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This was a market weekend – NOW do you see why I only go on alternate weeks?

Everything is looking so wonderful – fresh local peaches, corn, peppers, cucumbers, and, finally, melons!

I did make a bit of an error, though.  I always buy my melons from this one farm – it’s a couple who brings their young-ish son (maybe 12?) with them to the market.  The people are so friendly, and they’ve been training the boy, as well.

Well, there happened to be ANOTHER farmer with a young boy, about the same age, selling cantaloupe, and I bought one.  I realized my error when I got to the stand of my regular melon guy.

So I bought another melon.  Lot of melon in the house this week, I guess.  Darn.


 photo IMG_7757_zpsc9426369.jpg

Regular readers are aware of Peeps’s fondness for his meat grinder – we actually haven’t bought ground beef in several years, preferring to season and grind our own, especially for burgers.

Well, a local butcher shop had a very nice price on whole sirloin tips last week, which we’re very fond of for burgers.  So we picked up a hunk of beast, and Peeps cut it up and packaged it (unground) for future burgers.

And, of course, he was closely supervised by the Canine Cleanup Crew – after all, you never know when a chunk of meat is going to land on the floor, do you?


 photo IMG_7752_zps2792b757.jpg

Oh, garden tomatoes, I do love you so!

You know, I always end up planting too many tomatoes to just eat out of hand, but not quite enough to can.  I mean, I suppose I could can them, but it hardly seems worth the trouble to dig out the canner and all the associated paraphernalia for just a few jars, you know?

But for now, I’m just thrilled to be eating fresh tomatoes again!

 photo IMG_7753_zpsdf6b4cab.jpg

It just astonishes me every time  go out to the garden and see the Random Squash Plants out there!

I mean, I’ve got to wonder why I should even bother to plant things – I should just spread the compost and see what comes up!

I guess I won’t have to buy any winter squash again this fall, will I?  Last year my mother gave me a few from her garden – I guess she’ll have to find someone else to unload them on this year!


 photo IMG_7755_zps63c682b9.jpg

We spent most of Saturday painting.

Several years ago, we had a guy paint the house, and, since then, we’ve been touching it up, until we get so sick of doing it that we finally have siding put on.

Peeps does all of the ladder parts – I don’t do ladders – and I do the parts I can reach from terra firma.  And then we scraped and repainted all the outside window trim, hanging out the windows like a monkey.

And then, when we were all done, everything cleaned up, and sitting on the deck enjoying a cold beer, I looked up and realized that I’d completely missed the outside sill on one window.



 photo IMG_7754_zpsa8d49cab.jpg

After several hours of climbing up and down ladders,moving stuff, taking down window boxes and stepping in and tracking paint drips all over the yard, not to mention the actual painting, well, when we were done, we were done.

Since the floor and walls of the front porch were all still wet, Peeps taped a sign to the bench, which we moved to block the steps.

By the way, if you’re ever wondering, a cast iron bench is HEAVY too.


 photo 01____Capture_zps2bf8182d.png

That golf thing – the PGA – has been here in town all week, which, well, okay, whatever, right?

I mean, I’m not a golf person (or, really, much of a “sport” person at all, really) but, hey, whatever floats your boat, you know?

Then I saw this article on our local news station – people were taking a 4:30 shuttle – that’s 4:30 in the MORNING – to Oak Hill to “get a good spot.”

To watch GOLF.

At 4:30 on a Sunday morning.

Peeps suggested that we should have charged them all a buck to come watch our paint dry.


 photo IMG_7756_zps9ba568f1.jpg

Fear not, Peeps didn’t suffer some horrific injury or anything like that!

Since he does all the “ladder stuff” when we were painting this weekend, he did the one bedroom window that looks out over the roof – from the roof.

Unfortunately, once those window frames were covered in wet paint, he had trouble getting down off the roof safely, so he climbed in the window.

That would be the window with the wet red paint on the sill.

But it looks awful, doesn’t it?


 photo IMG_7758_zps709dae33.jpg

You know, people wonder why New York State’s budget is so messed up.

I can tell you EXACTLY why.

Our government is full of idiots who waste our money.

The Boy sent for his driving abstract from the DMV, which is fine.  (Never mind the fact that he got it online – they mailed him a hard copy too.)

But he ended up getting TWO letters.  Now, your first thought would probably be that they must have inadvertently sent him two copies, right?  Annoying, yes, but better to have two than none, I guess.  (Notwithstanding the fact, of course, that he already got it online and didn’t need it mailed at all).

But no, it wasn’t the case that they’d mailed him two copies.

It was a two-page report, and they mailed each page in a separate envelope.

Those geniuses in Albany used two sheets of paper, two envelopes, and paid postage twice – to mail a single document that he’d already gotten on the internet.



Well, here we are again – another weekly meal plan.  Gosh, it just seems like we’ve had a stellar summer, doesn’t it?  We had that one week or so of unbearably hot weather – though as long as the air conditioning was running it was bearable enough.

 photo 7_day_zps8de95f62.jpg

But lately – there is absolutely nothing to complain about weather-wise, is there?  We love trying different grilled dishes – after all, we can’t do that for most of the year!

Monday – Rain is forecast for Monday (tomatoes can use it!) so, although we’re cooking inside, we’re going to use some of that fresh corn we picked up and make Simple Sweetcorn Cakes – only we’ll skip the avocado salsa – we may use syrup, or maybe even salsa.  I’ll probably slice some tomatoes on the side for those of us who would like them (me).

Tuesday – Peeps held out a hunk of the grinding beef – I’ll slice it thin and do stir-fry.  I got bean sprouts at the market, plus several colors of peppers and some nice scallions.  I’m sure I can come up with a few more veggies to toss in!

Wednesday – Back to the grill!  Whole chickens were on sale at the supermarket, and that means roasted chicken.  And roasted chickens aren’t just for winter anymore!  I don’t remember where I saw this sriracha-marinated chicken, but this baby’s going on the charcoal grill!  I’m going to thin my kale this week, so we’ll saute some  of that, and I think, instead of “root vegetables,” some grilled small potatoes will go marvelously.

Thursday – A while ago, I saw this recipe for corn-husk-wrapped grilled fish – using fresh corn husks.  We won’t necessarily follow this recipe specifically, but I do want to follow the wrapping and cooking directions.   We’ll do some kind of rice or grain – or corn! – and salad.

Friday – This week I have a bit of a dilemma.  I do so love my fresh tomato pie – you all know that.    But I came across this recipe for an eggplant sauce that, if as good as it sounds, I’m going to want to stash some in the freezer while I can get fresh eggplant.  Hmmm. . . decisions, decisions.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Holly@ClubThrifty - August 12, 2013

I’m jealous of your garden! I really want a garden when we decide to move one day. I just don’t think it would be worth the trouble at this house.

Toy Lady - August 12, 2013

That’s a shame – I went without a garden for, I don’t know, maybe 10 years? Then I put in a few herbs . . . stuck a tomato plant in a pot, and, well, here we are. 🙂

2. sjbraun - August 12, 2013

Loving the tomatoes here, too! And I am cracking up at your idea to just plant compost next year. Might be an improvement over what I plan, in my case 🙂 Don’t get me started on the ineptitude of the government … grrrr ….

Toy Lady - August 12, 2013

It’s crazy – that squash is taking over!

3. mazco34 - August 12, 2013

It looks like Peeps got a tattoo!

Toy Lady - August 12, 2013

Maz! 🙂

Yeah, a crazy zombie tattoo. . . 😆

4. judy norton - August 16, 2013

Just back from the trip. Enjoyed this before we left early on Monday and no time to respond. Did not like lap top I had access to so out of the loop. Hope all is well.

Toy Lady - August 17, 2013

Hey, Judy, I’m not a huge fan of laptops either, though that’s what I’ve been using lately. 😕

Hope all is well with you. (((hugs))

judy norton - August 17, 2013

thanks for the hugs. It wasn’t just the laptop, it was Windows. I have been on a Mac for years.

was a good trip although a little long. 1000 miles round trip. Sis was very upbeat and we even all went to lunch and that was a lot of fun. Son and DD actually got along and we saw his really beautiful new condo in Louisville, CO and my sis is in Lakewood, CO. We drove around a little with the idea of MAYBE being able to move back. Got a flying at one house in Littleton, CO. 4 bedrooms and a little guest house. $750,000!!!! I nearly fainted. Horrible traffic every where. Did a run through of my home town, Boulder, unbelievable changes and TRAFFIC. Went by several places I had lived in including the house I grew up in which my son just sold to by his new place. It was very green and the mountains are beautiful BUT.

looking forward to your Blog on Monday. I need a cat, dog, food fix.


Toy Lady - August 18, 2013

JUdy, I’m so glad you had a good trip! And it’s great that you had a good visit with your sister – AND your son. 🙂

5. judy norton - August 17, 2013

Think I lost the comment. Oh well, I tried. judy

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