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Monday Musings: 08.19.2013 Edition August 19, 2013

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Holy cow it’s peach season!  Where has the summer gone?

And how do we know that, you ask?  Well, besides fantastic local Red Haven peaches I picked up at the public market last week (and they were spectacular!), I received an email on Saturday from my local pick-your-own farm  letting me know that peaches are ripe and ready.

What’s a gal to do but pack up her husband and drag him out to the farm first thing Sunday?

I was very restrained, though, I think.  I only ended up with 17 and a half pounds  – which took about 10 minutes to pick.

They are SO good, too!


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Peaches aren’t the only fresh fruit we’re enjoying – oh no!

We were home Saturday afternoon, and I took the opportunity to enjoy my all-time favorite lunch in the whole world – a BLT!  Peeps has been baking some fantastic bread lately -which, as it happens, toasts up beautifully, and there’s  not much that can beat his homemade bacon.  Add some nice bibb lettuce, homemade mayo and of course, the star of the show, a couple of slices of fresh Jetstar tomato, and I have a happy, happy lunch!


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Old Jarly is having a bit of trouble deciding whether he wants to chew on his bone, or if he wants to come inside.  He can’t do both – bones are outside toys.

We spent half of Sunday afternoon trying to get that through to him – he’ll bark to come in, so one of us opens the door for him, then he picks up the bone and we tell him “no bone” and shut the door.  So he drops the bone, we open the door again, and he picks it up again.

That game gets old really quick, let me tell you!

Meanwhile, the cat is out prancing around the house, and every time it looks like the dog may come in (that would be something like every five minutes), she makes herself scarce, only to come back out and pester me as soon as he’s out of sight and earshot.

No wonder I never get anything done!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It looks like “Hey! Summer’s back!” around here – temperatures and humidity increasing through the end of the week.  We don’t mind that too much – both my office and the house are air-conditioned, and we’ll probably plan a quick morning beach trip to keep Jar well-exercised.

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Monday – We roasted that chicken last week (and it was very good!) – some of the breast meat is going to go nicely with a grilled caesar salad – basically, you take a romaine heart, cut it in half, brush it with dressing and slap it on the grill, cut-side down.   We also like to slice already-cooked chicken and grill that the same way to gently reheat it.  A perfect light dinner!

Tuesday – We got the September issue of Cooking Light last week, and there’s this big section on short-cut meals – healthy meals using prepared foods.  At first, I sort of flipped past that section (Prepared foods?  Really?) but then Peeps pointed out this hummus and rice fritter recipe.  We would certainly try that!

Wednesday – We picked up a sirloin tip last week – that got divided and stuck in the freezer for future burgers and the like.  Well, it’s the future, and we’re doing burgers.  We’re going to finish up some baked beans, too, and I think I want to make this beet salad to go with it – if I get to it.  Or maybe we’ll have peaches and tomatoes.

Thursday – Peeps made tacos for last weekend – so what’s better for Minimal Effort Thursday than more tacos – when everything’s already done?

Friday – We do love pizza night around here – ESPECIALLY during tomato season! Last week’s eggplant sauce was mostly a success – though next time I’ll double the amount of eggplant.  However, the remainder of the sauce is now in the freezer – we’ll use that when we don’t have fresh tomatoes to slice up.  I may sacrifice some of the pathetic basil for pizza – I don’t know what’s wrong with it this year, but it’s not doing well.  Probably should just use it up, huh?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.



1. judy norton - August 21, 2013

Finally getting caught up! Your local fruit just looks so wonderful and you will have fun putting it up or cooking it up and all freezing. I did get some great corn at the farmers market here and it is delicious.

I can just see kitty teasing Jar and the whole bone thing. In the olden days when I still let my cats out to play their game was to stand in the door way while I was hold the screen door and sniffing and listening and trying to decided to go out or maybe not or maybe so but not quite yet. IT DID GET OLD.

And the star of the show…..(drum roll please) the tomato on the bread making out with the lettuce and mayo and bacon. Beautiful lunch. Did Peeps get one? The potatoes are just going to blow your mind as the grand finale. Have a great week.

Toy Lady - August 24, 2013

Judy, you know how much we love harvest season! I’m taking a few days off around Labor Day – just told the boss it’s Tomato Season. ’nuff said. 😆

Jar is STILL at it with the bones – he actually tries to hide them in his big fat mouth and sneak them in the house! 🙄

2. Karen - August 22, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that I pinned your wing sauce recipe. I hope you don’t mind (if you do I’ll be happy to remove it). I make that ALL the time and the flavour is perfect. I use boneless, skinless thighs and marinate overnight and then bake it – as a main course. So thanks! (I’ve been known to eat leftovers for breakfast.)

Toy Lady - August 24, 2013

Karen – of course not! We love that recipe, too – I don’t know why, but I’ve never really thought about using thighs, though it makes perfect sense! 🙂

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