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Monday Musings: 10.07.2013 Edition October 7, 2013

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 photo IMG_7873_zps00b5c395.jpg

A market week this week- we ended up going quite a bit later than usual, though, because tracking class is at 7:30 WAY over on one side of town – we’re done there at 9:00, run home, drop off the tired dog to nap, then turn around and get back downtown by 10-ish.

That would be when ALL of the people are there!

I was still quite happy, though – all of the veggies (and pears) I bought were local, with the possible exception of  couple of small eggplants – those I’m not sure of, but I’ll still eat them!


 photo IMG_7872_zps11009e08.jpg

In addition to regular veggies, we also scored a 25-lb box of Yukon potatoes and a 1/4-bushel basket of concord grapes!  Boy, is it fun to carry THOSE through the hordes of people milling around at the market!

It’s been so long since we’ve made mashed potatoes. . .

 photo IMG_7874_zps5e88102f.jpg

And of COURSE we couldn’t forget to pick up some bones for our puppy baby, either, could we?

Funny how he always knows when we’ve got a bag (or two) of bones, isn’t it?

 photo IMG_7875_zpsfe3c44bb.jpg

So. . .  you’ve got a peck of grapes, and it’s October, so what does that mean? Eyeballs, of course!

Seriously, the grapes were super ripe so they needed dealing with right away – it’s not like we were doing anything else all afternoon , right?

 photo IMG_7879_zpsc3e0f056.jpg

And a few hours later (counting processing AND cleaning up!), we have 4 quarts of unsweetened grape puree.  I’ve never canned grapes before- I’m hoping it’ll work as well as frozen, without the defrosting.

And you’ll see that I was smart and used my cool new red lids – as an aside, if you regularly do any canning, I heartily recommend reusable Tattler lids.  They’re not cheap, but you only have to buy them once.

 photo IMG_7883_zps16da610b.jpg

Peeps and I were working in the kitchen, the dog was napping in the living room, and the kitty was just hanging out, watching the rain outside the dining room door.

Suddenly, the dog comes bounding out, surprising both me AND the kitty!  In fact, he surprised her so much that she . . . didn’t run away right away.

Which, of course, surprised the daylights out of him – so much so that it gave her a chance to gather her thoughts and dash away – right upstairs to the bedroom.

Where she was effectively trapped – she knew the dog was standing guard at the bottom of the stairs, so she just staked out her temporary quarters in the front window.

I finally persuaded her to come downstairs while the dog was outside.  It took a couple of treats and my bodily setting her on the floor near the stairs.  She was less than happy to be disturbed.

 photo truck_zps52f9555b.jpg

There’s this truck, parked in a driveway, that we see when we go to the supermarket.

While there’s usually nothing very remarkable about a truck, this one is, well, it’s weird.

It’s got some sort of camper or something on it (which looks like it’s straight out of The A Team!), it seems to be made of corrugated metal of some sort, and the whole thing is all the same khaki color, and, on the front fender, is stenciled “OFFICIAL VEHICLE.”

Official WHAT vehicle?  WHAT is its deal?

It’s driving us nuts!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.    Although we do check the 7-day forecast when we plan our meals, we do live in upstate New York.  Things change.

It’s apparently NOT going to rain most of the week after all.  Who knew?

 photo 7_day_zps781ea8ca.jpg

Monday –  I’ve had several bags with little dribs and drabs of dried beans lying around, and they’ve been driving me nuts!  I finally decided to suck it up and make a batch of vegetarian chili.

Tuesday – Copper River salmon is on sale this week, and we just couldn’t resist it!  Now that it’s probably not going to rain Tuesday, we’ll slap it on the grill and do something potato-y (since we’re all potatoed up and all!), and probably a tossed salad.

Wednesday – We kept turning to the page in Cook’s Country with the Monterey Chicken recipe – so we finally just pulled some chicken out of the freezer.  Probably sweet potatoes and green beans with it.

Thursday –  Minimal Effort Thursday!  While dinner this evening will involve minimal effort right at dinner time, we’re trying a variation of homemade hot dogs which will be made ahead of time.  We’ll have some leftover mac salad from last week, and something green.

Friday – Friday is pizza night – pizza for us, Kong for Jarly.  We’ve reached the time of year where I’m not quite sure if I’ll have fresh tomatoes or not.  If I do, I will, but if not, I’ve got plenty of sauce we made during the summer – either eggplant sauce or roasted tomato sauce will suit me just fine.  Other than that, I’m happy with just cheese.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Susan - October 7, 2013

Kitty’s expression in that photo is priceless!! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten canned grapes. I’ll be anxious to hear how that turns out (but knowing you, I have a feeling it will be good :). On the bacon — eh, it’s just a food I don’t like. That’s okay: I like almost everything else!!

2. judy norton - October 9, 2013

Canned grapes, a new one for me for sure! Just a great read with all fun stuff. I laughed at the Kitty. How long have those two shared a house already? Menus sound wonderful as always. Keep all those balls in the air.

Toy Lady - October 13, 2013

Keep your fingers crossed for the grapes, Judy – I’ve never done it either, though I HAVE seen canned pie filling, so . . . 😉

And that idiot cat . . . she just wants to make sure I don’t forget how displeased she is, I think. 🙄

3. Karen - October 12, 2013

That chicken was the first thing that caught my eye when I looked through that magazine. For the record – it was good and every one in the family cleaned their plates. I was sad there was none left over for lunch the next day.

Toy Lady - October 13, 2013

Karen, we were quite happy with the chicken – and it was QUICK! And EASY! 🙂

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