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Monday Musings: 11.04.2013 Edition November 4, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

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You’ve got to love fall at the farmer’s markets, don’t you?

There’s so much produce out there, and it’s so dirt-cheap, how can a person resist?  We picked up the season’s first fingerling potatoes (other than what we dug out of our own garden, of course) and what’s got to be close to the last cucumbers.

And we haven’t had Swiss chard in practically forever – we’re looking forward to enjoying that with dinner one night this week.

I even got a bunch of locally-grown celery!  And believe it – there is a difference.  This stuff has actual flavor!

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Well, I am pleased to report that we have finally defrosted the chest freezer!  It’s something that ought to be done far more often than we do, and, of course, I’m promising myself to do it more regularly from now on!

However, what’s important right now is that there’s a big empty space in the freezer, all ready to be filled with (frozen) fresh dog food – I’ve ordered 70 pounds of chicken and turkey to be delivered on Friday, and 75 pounds of beef for Saturday.

I know it’s a lot, but, well, he’s a big dog. And he’s loving this new diet!  I just have to be sure to keep the dog’s meat separate from our own, that’s all!

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Miss Minerva Kitty is less than happy with me at the moment – she’s been getting her nails caught in the carpet, so it was time for me to trim them.

She hates that.

She really hates it when I wrap her in a towel to do do it.

And she especially hates it when the towel is the one I recently used to dry off the dog after a particularly rainy walk.

However, I assured her that she’d thank me later.  Then I gave her a treat, so we’re all good now.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’ve managed, though defrosting and sorting, to identify and use the oldest of the meat we had buried in the freezer.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, but it’s still a relief to have it done!  While I’m looking forward, next week, to some lighter, less meat-centric meals, we’ve definitely got nothing to complain about this week!

Monday –  One of our oldest meat discoveries was a package of short ribs – one single package of 5 bone-in ribs.  We knew we wanted to braise the ribs, so we went with a knock-off of our old favorite Beef, Beer & Onion Stew – we put that together Sunday, cooked until the meat was falling off the bones, then we removed the bones!  It’ll be perfect once it’s been de-fatted, and it’ll go well with mashed potatoes and either pan-roasted or steamed broccoli.

Tuesday – Guess what we pulled out of the freezer?   Peeps had stashed a container of carnitas the last time we had tacos!  Now mind you, we hadn’t forgotten the container was there or anything – we’d just put it out of our minds. So what could be nicer than a Tuesday taco night?

Wednesday – I also found a flank steak that needed to be used sooner than later, so . . . well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good braciole.  Speaking of Alton Brown, do you know he’s got a podcast now?  It’s a fun listen – some food, but not so much.

Thursday –  You know, we had a package of diced ham in the freezer, earmarked for split pea soup, and were truly looking forward to it!  Then, when we got ready to start cooking, it seems that we didn’t have any split peas on hand!  So now, instead of pea soup with ham, we’re having black bean soup, which will also be good.  However, there’s another package of ham still in the freezer, so split peas are on next week’s grocery list.

Friday – We’re shifting pizza night to Saturday, since I’m going to be across town at dinner time picking up meat for the dog – not that big a deal, really. I’ll work a couple of hours late, then swing by the delivery site on my way home.  In the meantime, Peeps has kindly offered to pick up fish fry for us – I can’t even remember the last time I had fish fry!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Deanna Michaels (@DeannaMichaels) - November 4, 2013

What? I had no clue Alton had a podcast. I’m going to have to check it out.

Toy Lady - November 4, 2013

Oh, he’s all kinds of fun, Deanna! He recently did a bourbon-tasting, and it was a hoot listening to his buddy getting squiffed! 😆

2. Wendy Klik - November 4, 2013

I just went to see Alton Brown live this past Saturday. He was very funny. What an entertaining guy!!

Toy Lady - November 4, 2013

Wendy, now I’m jealous! The tour isn’t coming close enough to us to want to go. I’m so glad you had fun!

3. CrftySAHM - November 7, 2013

You are lucky to have a farmer’s market that is cheap. Our market is a great place, but the prices are outrageous.

Toy Lady - November 8, 2013

Yes, some of them can be more “boutique-y” than others, that’s for sure! We have several farmers’ markets in more suburban areas that are DEFINITELY more expensive – and they’re only there in the summer. The downtown public market has been there for over 100 years, and there is definitely a range in prices – some very expensive, trendy vendors, and other “fell off the back of a truck” guys – and pretty much everything in between!

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