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Monday Musings: 11.18.2013 Edition November 18, 2013

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This was our last trip to the Public Market before Thanksgiving – which meant we needed to be sure to pick up any produce we’d need for the holiday.

Which, really, isn’t that big a deal – we mainly wanted to be sure to find the guy with the truck backed into the market stall and get our annual Big Basket of Sweet Potatoes!

I ended up with just over 10 pounds, for about the same price as at the supermarket – I didn’t actually SAVE any money.  But I did buy them directly from the farmer who grew them at least reasonably locally, so I’m going to score that a win.

Got a pumpkin, too, because, well, this is the only time you really see fresh sugar pumpkins, isn’t it?


And you know the guys at the market that we get the pork bellies from?

They’re an actual meat market on the other side of town from us, and they have a “kennel grind” – coarsely ground meat scraps and organ meat and other bits – it’s (obviously) just for dogs.

Well, Peeps called them this week and ordered 10 pounds of the stuff to pick up Saturday at the market.  How great is that?  (Especially for The Jar!)


 photo forsalesign_zps65ec1ebd.jpg

So we were running a bit late when we made our weekly shopping trip, and there were a LOT of people at the supermarket.

Though it wasn’t really that late – I wonder if it has something to do with preparing for the upcoming holiday?

ANYWAY.  We parked near a Honda that was almost identical to the one The Boy was driving for a while. And it was for sale!

Though I don’t think the owner was in too big a hurry to get rid of it – the phone number on the sign was all but obscured by one of the zillion stickers plastered all over the windows.  I wonder if has any idea why he hasn’t gotten any calls yet?


Oh, and you’ll be just as relieved as I was to find out that my registration sticker arrived with Saturday’s mail – the actual day the old one expired!

I’m simply . . . astonished. that’s all.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Gosh, fall just hits, doesn’t it? I mean, one week, you’re out cleaning up the garden and tidying the yard, and the next, the trees are all bare and you’re thinking about stews and gloves and wool sweaters!

Monday – We picked up some fresh baby bok choy from one of our favorite vendors at the market.  About the only thing I know to do with it is stir-fry, so, well, there it is.  I’m sure there’s a package of “chicken scraps” in the freezer (left from trimming the freakishly huge chicken breasts we get), and and we’ve got carrots, scallions and green peppers, as well  – we’ll be able to put together a perfectly passable stir fry!

Tuesday –  Remember the butternut squash soup from last week?  It was delightful, and we had a bit left.  Since it was so thick, we’re going to try using it as a sauce this week  for some manicotti – I made a quick filling with ricotta, cream cheese, some aged provolone, and lots of sage, chopped and sauteed quickly in a bit of butter.  Stuffed into pasta, and smothered in the butternut soup sauce, it should be a delightfully delicious meatless meal.

Wednesday – We’ve been wanting to start Jarly on pork – he hasn’t tried it yet, so we want to go slowly.  (Our puppy has a delicate stomach, you know!)  We had a pork loin roast in the freezer, from which we’ll cut a couple of chops for our dinner, and the rest will become part of Jar’s dinner the next couple of days.  Along with the chops (grilled if we can manage it!) we’ve got some nice baked beans, and heaven knows we’ve got sweet potatoes to burn!

Thursday – Minimal Effort Thursday this week will be the minestrone I put together over the weekend.  Nothing says fall like a pot of soup simmering on the back burner, does it?  The soup’s all done (and tasting mighty good, too!) – Peeps will put in the crockpot to reheat, and it’ll just need a good handful of pasta tossed in, and once that’s cooked, we’re ready to go.  How’s that for minimal effort?

Friday – What’s there to say about pizza night?  We made so much sauce over the summer, and, while it was a bit of a pain in the neck then, we’re already glad we have it.  I absolutely love the eggplant sauce I made – and I made two batches of the stuff!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Rona B - November 19, 2013

I love Pizza anytime of the week.

Toy Lady - November 19, 2013

Hi, Rona! What’s not to love?

2. judy norton - November 23, 2013

This fell off my radar! By now I am wondering how Jar did with the pork. He certainly has a great variety going now. I love sweet potatoes myself and that is one thing I will try again. I’m doing the “green bean dish” for turkey day at DD’s request. Happy to oblige. We caught a great deal on a small turkey so I am beginning to think turkey day! Are are have people over or are you going to people again? Stay warm. It is very windy and COLD here this weekend.

Toy Lady - November 24, 2013

Hey, Judy! Jar did quite well with the pork – which is good, since I accidentally picked up a pork kidney (um, ew?) instead of beef kidney a few weeks ago! We’re spending T-giving with my family – alas, no leftovers for us, but we currently have FOUR turkeys in the freezer, so we’ll have turkey leftovers of our own, eventually. 🙂

It’s snowy and windy here, too – every year, I know it’s coming, and every year, I’m kind of surprised when it does!

3. Karen - November 24, 2013

We were in shorts two days ago and today we woke to freezing cold, so naturally my step-grandchild had her fourth bd party IN THE PARK, IN THE COLD, for 5 hours. Sorry for yelling but I think the mom was trying to freeze everyone to death. (not really and we had a great time and if all of us had pooled our money and put it in a savings account she could go to college for free – today.)

As I’m typing I realize that this probably isn’t even all that cold to those of you in the north. I wore a down parka and thought my MIL was going to become a popsicle (she’s 83).

Glad Jar is doing well on his new diet and look forward to some snowy photos again this year.

Toy Lady - November 25, 2013

Karen, don’t forget – while you’re freezing in relatively mild temperatures (for us Yankees, anyway), we are DYING when it gets above 80! 😀

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