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Monday Musings: 12.16.2013 Edition December 16, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in meal plan monday, Musings.

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Oh gosh, it was a chilly trip to the market this weekend!  Although we did a quick vegetable inventory before we left and didn’t really need much this week, we did need coffee.  And of course, as long as we were there, I couldn’t pass up the fingerling potatoes, could I?  My mother asked me to look for a good price on leeks and fennel, and I even managed to find both of those for her, too – merry Christmas, Mother!

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Who’s a pretty kitty?

Every afternoon when Peeps takes Jarly out for his afternoon walk, Miss Minerva Kitty comes out to the living room and prances around like, well, like her nemesis has left the building.

The other day, I scattered some catnip around with a couple of her toys – we had a good old time!

However, after a couple of “kitty hugs” from her, I guess it’s time for another nail trim.  Ouch.


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Boy did we get some snow or what?  This is what we got up to Sunday morning – fortunately, the streets were plowed early, but the sidewalks (and our driveway!) not so much.

Our morning walk was a bit treacherous, not to mention chilly, so we went only as far as we needed to, then we came home and Jar chased his Wubba around the back yard for a while.

Remember how much he loves his Wubba?


 photo IMG_8024_zps7e8dd5aa.jpg

We’re working on upping the stakes for Morning Treat Time.

Until now, I’ve sat on the floor between the two beasties – maybe not the wisest move, but both knew I was right there, within arm’s reach, to ensure appropriate behavior.

Now, however, there’s nothing but floor between the two of them.  We’re still playing the Name Game – Jar’s got it down, but the kitty still needs a little work.  I say a name, and the owner of the name looks at me (not at the other) – then he or she gets a treat, in this case, a chunk of tasty, tasty turkey.

Sure, I can step between them if need be, but it had better not be necessary  And they’ve learned that if it DOES become necessary, there are no more treats for that session.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Boy, it looks like winter is here with a vengeance, doesn’t it?  We weren’t terribly productive this weekend (well, not after we finished shoveling the driveway, anyway), so we’ll actually have to make some effort this week with meals – yikes!

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Monday – We’ve got some elbow macaroni leftover from the night we roasted the chicken – it’s been seasoned with a little bit of a tomato-y sauce, and, assuming it’s still good, it’s going to become mac and cheese.  I’m going to just make a quick cheese sauce, stir it all together, and bake it until it gets brown on top and hot through.  It’ll be good, I’m sure.

Tuesday – Pancakes.  What could be easier than pancakes for dinner?  I’ve got a couple of old favorite recipes to choose from – or maybe, since we’ve got buttermilk in the house, I’ll make old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes.  Oh, and, of course, bacon.

Wednesday – Peeps has pointed out that we haven’t made buttermilk oven-baked chicken in simply AGES – only we’ve got some chicken tenders knocking around, so I guess it’ll be buttermilk oven-baked chicken tenders then.  Add some broccoli that’s still in the back of the fridge (hope it’s still good!) and some, oh, maybe roasted fingerlings, and it’ll be finger lickin’ good!  Ha, see what I just did there?

Thursday – Ah, Minimal Effort Thursday! We were very happy to make Tuscan pork with white beans ahead this weekend, so we’ll just need to reheat it.  This is an old favorite, and, although we’ve fiddled with the recipe a bit, it’s still basically the same fantastic dish we’ve loved for years.

Friday – And it wouldn’t be Friday without pizza night, would it?  We’re very much into winter mode now – no fresh tomatoes, no fresh herbs, but we did have the foresight to make a TON of sauce when the vegetables were fresh, so every week, it’s like a taste of lovely, lovely summer.  On a crust.

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1. sjbraun - December 16, 2013

Year-round market? That’s pretty awesome … your recipes all sound warm and wonderful this week 🙂 And I am loving all the animal pix and videos! The way kitty is posting with her front paws apart is TOO cute!

Toy Lady - December 16, 2013

Thanks, Susan! I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we are to have the public market open all year. While the selection gets a little slim in the dead of winter, I still love being able to support the farmers, rather than rely on the supermarkets.

2. judy - December 18, 2013

I just have to tell you how impressed I am with your persistence in making buddies happen with your two furr buddies. Name recognition with a cat is (in my opinion) just so frustrating for me because mine know their names when THEY want to and ignore me when they DON’T. Good for you with your endeavor~ 🙂 Your COLD food looks real warm and your depth of snow is impressive if I cared but I don’t as it makes me COLD just to see it and think about you our there in the dark with Jar taking a walk! Blows my old mind. As always, a great read as I feel like I am in the kitchen with you! judy

Toy Lady - December 21, 2013

Hey, Judy, you’ve got it right about the kitty knowing her name when she WANTS to – like when there are tasty, tasty treats to be had – lately, she’s been particularly fond of bits of turkey wing. 😉

The snow is all but gone now – it’s been melting for a couple of days, and today it’s been raining the better part of the day – it’s all good! We even took a nice looong walk this morning! 🙂

3. judy - December 21, 2013

Just now spotted your human calendar! How long have you been doing that? I LIKE IT.

Toy Lady - December 22, 2013

Isn’t it neat? I don’t know how long ago I put it up there, but I saw it and thought it was cool. 🙂

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