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Monday Musings: 01 13 2014 Edition January 13, 2014

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We had a decent trip to the Public Market this weekend – citrus is in season, which means my new favorite (new in the past few years, anyway) orange – the Minneola – is in season!

And I realized that we haven’t had beets in quite a while!  Fortunately, the lady from whom we normally buy potatoes also had some nice-looking beets, and, since we didn’t really need potatoes this week, well, why not?

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One of the local butchers, Joe’s Meat Market, has a shop inside the Public Market.  These are the guys Peeps buys the pork belly from for bacon – we love these guys!  I found out, a few month ago, that they also have, by request, what they call their Kennel Grind for dogs.  While it’s certainly not something I’d ever want to eat (ever!), our Jarly absolutely goes nuts for it!

About once a month, I call their store and place my order for 10 pounds, then, when I get to the market, they pull a bag with my name out of the back (the “back,” in this case, being the guy’s truck!).


You may notice that we’ve got photos back – I found the camera.

Where, you ask?

Well, see, it’s like this.

 photo IMG_8045_zps7a596bc8.jpg

Back in the corner of my basement is the area where, I guess, in the olden days they used to pipe oil into the furnace, and several years ago, we put wine racks back in that dark, cool corner.   So the other evening, I went down to the wine cellar to get a bottle of wine, and there, way back in the corner, showing very decided signs of having been batted down the stairs and across the basement, was my CAMERA.

I know I didn’t leave it there, and I’m certain  Peeps didn’t.  I can be pretty sure Jar didn’t either, since (a) he’s not allowed in the basement, and (b) he doesn’t fit through the kitty door anyway.  I don’t know how she did it, or how she got it down the stairs without breaking it, but, well, there it was.

It’s just a good thing she deleted her kitty selfies, because . . . I just don’t want to know.


 photo IMG_20140107_152414_zpse5f0123d.jpg

Remember all that snow we had last week?

Gone.  Almost all of it.  Which is good, I guess.

However, once the snow started melting, we had a bit of a cold snap  and by “cold snap” I mean, I walked the dog in below-zero temperatures, when that melted snow had suddenly frozen.

I did not go to work that day.  Heck no.

I stayed home and tried out the donut pan Peeps gave me for Christmas instead.

 photo image4_zps657b007c.jpg

Jarly is starting to settle into his new ride – there’s certainly plenty of room for him in the back of the van!

Plus, he can stand up without rubbing on the ceiling, which is definitely a good thing – it’s harder than you’d think to vacuum dog hair from the headliner of a car!

I wonder, though, if we should put the crate back there – he’s never been crated, so he’ll probably hate it.  But I suspect, if, heaven forbid, we were in an accident, he’d hate bouncing around the back of the van even more.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  I guess we can pretty much tell what the season is by how we eat, can’t we?  It’s just been so chilly lately (I guess I can safely say -6° is chilly, right?) that we just crave those warming soups and stews.  And although it’s not supposed to be quite as cold this week, well, now I’m in the mood for winter food!

Monday – First up is grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  I came across a recipe for roasted tomato soup that includes roasted cauliflower and potatoes – I used this recipe right here, though I’ll warn you up front – Thug Kitchen is full of Potty Mouth.  But the recipe looks good.

Tuesday – We roasted our chicken in the crockpot last week, and,while it tasted great, the white meat was a little dry.  Okay, a LOT dry.  So about the only thing I can think of to redeem dry meat is to smother it in gravy of some sort – so I’m going to make a quick batch of chicken and biscuits (or noodles or something) – basically chicken and gravy,ladled over something nicely starchy.

Wednesday – I picked up some escarole at the market and made a quick batch of pressure cooker chicken stock (no point in wasting that chicken rack – and there’s no room in the freezer for it).   Peeps whipped up some Italian sausage, and we are going to enjoy the heck out of some beans and greens, with delightful sausage.

Thursday – The last time Peeps roasted a pork shoulder, we divvied it up and put it in the freezer in meal-sized packages.  In the interest of rotating stuff in and out of the freezer, the time has come to enjoy some of that lovely roasted pork, along with some of the veggie mash that we stashed specifically for this purpose.

Friday – This week on  pizza night, I think we’ll both be enjoying some roasted Italian sausage on our pies.  Jar, in the meantime, will enjoy his Kong.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - January 18, 2014

Oh my. Where to start (being late again )? Beets. YES. I love beets. I will pass on the dog food. If YOU bought it, it will be good for Jar (and why does he have such a loooooong tongue? Must be a good reason. Now…. about my kitty. I will agree she has been a pretty bad girl but, but, but she was being playful and got carried away. I remember when she was too fat to play (you wrote about that) and she had go on a diet and now she has and she is frisky and full of vinegar and likes to bat things. Believe me, I live with a cat like that. Every day and during the night even, things hit the floor with regularity. He will jump up on a counter in front of me and look me right in the eye and sweep or swat something off onto the floor. I could ring his damn neck especially when it is my glasses or my oxygen finger reader. Menus always sound great and hoping Peeps is enjoying his new employment opportunity. You stay safe, and off the icy roads. Whew. A little over kill here I think. 🙂 🙂

Toy Lady - January 19, 2014

Oh, Judy, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with those two! 🙄 Jar got the Kitty cornered in the kitchen the other morning, and, although he didn’t hurt her or anything, WOW was she mad! She’s still sulking. . . But yeah, she’s definitely got a lot more energy than she used to! I know she gets up on the table at night, too – and I can HEAR her knocking stuff down after we go to bed at night.

How’s the world on your side of the country? Still frosty here – but not too much snow, thank goodness!

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