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Monday Musings: 03.31.2014 Edition March 31, 2014

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Boy, has it been a week or what? I, for one, will be MORE than happy to see the end of March!

 photo IMG_20140327_180019430_zpslyye6yrs.jpg

I mean . . . for a minute there, I actually thought we were going to have spring – the snow had melted, the sun was shining, the bulbs were starting to come up, and the birds were singing!  Geese were flying overhead – heading this way!

There were people in shorts (granted, young, kind of stupid people, but still).

The Jar even took his bone out to the deck on Saturday to bask and gnaw.

It was a beautiful thing.


 photo IMG_20140330_115600885_zpsnkzzummp.jpg

That was Saturday.

Then, Sunday, we woke up to snow – not just a dusting, oh no.  Measurable snow.

Enough so we had to wait for the plow guy to come by and do his thing in our driveway.  THAT’s how much snow.

I mean, sure, we probably could have shoveled the half a foot or so in order to get out and go to the supermarket, but (a) the plowing contract goes through April 1, and it’s still March, darnit, (b) I’ve been sick, and Peeps is fighting off the same bug, and (c) it was that kind of snow known as “heart attack snow” – the kind that’s wet and heavy and, well, you’re just asking to hurt yourself when you go out and shovel it.

So here’s hoping April brings us ACTUAL spring this week, eh?

 photo IMG_20140329_131808860_zpsogxzm5yq.jpg

Speaking of Jarly and his bones, he’s accumulating quite a collection in the house of old bones.

Although he’s gotten used to lying out in the snow by now, he knows that, when he gets too cold, I don’t have the heart to make him leave his bone outside, so, once he gets the initial “ick” gnawed off, he usually brings them in and finishes them in the living room.

Peeps commented the other day that he might as well be leaving Legos lying around for us to step on!

I have to periodically go around and gather up all the old bones and get rid of them – generally when The Giant Toddler isn’t looking!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.

This is such a tricky time of year to try to plan meals – it’s just starting to warm up, and we’re DYING to fire up the grill.  But if we do, more likely than not, we’ll end up grilling in the rain.  That’s no good!

However, we still need to eat, right?

Monday – Our supermarket has coho salmon on sale this week – and, since salmon’s good for us and all, we picked some up.  Not sure yet what we’ll serve with it – probably broccoli and either brown rice or quinoa.  We’ve only tried quinoa once and were . . . less than excited by it.  I’d like to give it another try.  Maybe.

Tuesday – We pulled some chicken tenders out of the freezer – we love this creamy garlic chicken  with angel hair pasta – and we haven’t had it in AGES!

Wednesday – I few week ago, we bought two heritage pork chops from a farmer at the public market.  Two HUGE pork chops.  We cooked one that week, and the other went into the freezer – we’ll enjoy that this week.  These chops were fantastic – it’s been YEARS since I’ve had farm-fresh pork, and boy, have I missed it!  Small pan-roasted potatoes and some sort of vegetable on the side – the perfect mid-week meal.

Thursday –  In a fit of “take THAT Old Man Winter” I made a pot of chili.  A big pot of it.  We had it Sunday, and there’s plenty left to reheat for Minimal Effort Thursday.

Friday – Which brings us back to pizza night – cheese and pepperoni for Peeps, ricotta and mozzarella for me, and Kong for The Jar.  Such a nice relaxing end to a long week!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Karen - April 5, 2014

Never in the world would I have thought of “doggie legos”. And oh hell yes I have stepped on my fair share of “kid” legos. (I currently have about 6 – 60-gallon containers of legos in my attic waiting for ONE of them to get a permanent residence and take THEIR STUFF!). Anywhoo, our golden chokes on bones because he obviously has no clue how to “dog” and is no longer allowed to have any (and what kind of dog turns their nose up at ANY kind of treat? Ours. Hates treats. The vet was disappointed when he refused their treat – seriously – he does not eat treats OR people food. My lab would eat everything (I miss her) – this one puppy is truly odd.)

On an entirely different note – we’re wearing shorts and started using the A/C last week. It’s going to be a HOT summer if this is any indication. The earliest I’ve started using the a/c has been mid-may. And our FULL freezer died tonight. Why don’t they ever die when they’re empty? Do they specifically wait until they’re full to capacity to kick the bucket?

At least you get four seasons. We have two – summer and “sweater weather” (or in my case – under 80 – yes I start wearing sweaters,, warm ups and generally freeze. Yes, it’s pitiful.)

Hope the pup gets a warm deck soon. He’s a beauty and I’m glad Ms. M. is being braver as well.

Toy Lady - April 6, 2014

Your dog doesn’t like treats? 😯 Are you sure you’ve got a golden, and not an oversized cat? 😉 Though, to be honest, our vet has lousy treats too – I mean, the dog’s already stressed out just being there, why not offer him a nice, juicy . . . Milk Bone? Yeah, that’ll calm him down. 🙄

And sheesh – I’m sorry about your freezer! I had that happen once – BOY did I end up making a lot of jams and pies – I had a TON of fruit. Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t konk out when they’re empty either.

I do try to keep in mind that, when it’s to cold, I can always put on more clothes, but when it’s too warm, I can only take off just so many! I try to remind myself of that, but I’ll be honest, it does wear a little thin when I’m traipsing through knee-deep snow. Again. In March.

They’re expecting a bad allergy season here too, this year. Great. . .

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