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Date Night – With a Twist November 24, 2010

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As promised – more about the Straight No Chaser concert last weekend.


I’m going to be honest – there’s not much I can say.  I mean, if you’ve seen them on the internet, you know what I mean.  And if you’ve seen them in person – wow, huh?

You know how, when you go to a concert, there’s The Announcement?  You know, about silencing your cell phones (we just shut ours off – there’s not much quieter than “off” is there?) and no photos or recording.

Yeah, they did that spiel, then they said BUT then they lifted the photos and recording ban, so:

Yes, I KNOW it’s quite possibly the worst example of videography you’ve seen since The Blair Witch Project – yeah, sorry about that.  But I’ve got to tell you – it’s very difficult to film AND laugh at the same time.


How about a couple of still pictures?

At one point in the concert, the guys did a “mash up” which included Michael Jackson and Bell Biv DeVoe – Billie Jean and Poison.  And a moonwalk.

Cool, huh?

Please tell me I’m not the only one old enough to appreciate a good moonwalk!


Or how about the whole group, with the shiny-headed bald guy in front of us?

He was a real problem when it came to trying to get decent photos. . .

PhotobucketAfter the intermission, they answered some “commonly asked questions” including  the obvious:  what are their suits made of?

65% polyester and 35% shine. . .


All in all, it was a fun show, well worth staying out until after 10 – then driving half an hour home – on a work night (and remember, our work nights mean up at 4!) – and I’d gladly go again!

There were even a couple of curtain calls – the first being their classic 12 Days of Christmas – an all-time favorite around here, to be sure!

But then, perhaps surprisingly, they came back out and sang Oh Holy Night – with no mikes.  It was just these young men and their natural voices – it was amazing!

I would so absolutely go see these guys again – any time!  Rochester was one of a 75-stop tour – I recommend – nay URGE – I urge you, if they’re at all within driving distance, go see them.  It’s so worth it!

And with that, I leave you for the Thanksgiving weekend – enjoy the time off from work, time with your family, time away from your family, whatever.  But whatever it is you’re enjoying, remember to give thanks – it’s Thanksgiving, after all!


Family Time July 7, 2010

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Peeps’s mom made it into town – though the train was a couple of hours late.

And yes, it was the right train!  😉

Things are, as usual, hectic – blogging will likely be a little spotty for a couple of days, though we hope to get back to normal soon.

Or, you know, what passes for normal around here, anyway.

So in the meantime, I share with you with what has become one of my favorite i-Pod walking songs:

Also, if you’d like to walk along with us, the song is still available as a  FREE! download from Amazon (that’s where  I got it).

Check it out HERE.   Hey, I’ve gotta give you something, right?

Have a great week, and we’ll be in and out.

Fattitude May 5, 2010

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It’s all about the fattitude.  That’s what I’m going to tell myself from now on.

You will recall that, quite some time ago, I embarked on a weight-loss quest.  Or something.

See, here’s the thing.

While I am all for eating a healthy diet and getting a healthy amount of exercise, I am not about to become a slave to weight loss.

I refuse to start a diet that I’m not willing to live with, and I won’t spend more time “exercising” than I spend “living.”

I guess I’m kind of stubborn like that.

So, over the past several months, I’ve made several changes.

Healthier foods.

Longer walks in the mornings.  More exercise in general.

And it’s worked well – if a little slowly.  I’ve managed to drop around 40 pounds, though I’m not sure “drop” is the right word.

It’s been more of a “trickle,” I’d say.  But that’s OK – as long as the weight comes off, I’d rather do it slowly, with gradual lifestyle changes I can, well, live with.

However, it seems that for the past couple of months, I’ve hit something of a plateau.

Lose a pound, gain two.  Lose those two, gain one back.

It’s been maddening, I’ll tell you!

Now, though, you’ll recall that Peeps gave me an i-Pod, and I’ve finally started using it, mainly when I walk the dog in the mornings.

Huh.  I lost nearly 2 pounds in one week, and the only thing I did differently was walk with the i-Pod.

So I decided to actually turn it on and see what happened!

Ha!  Kidding!

You know what I’ve discovered, though?

When you move faster, you walk faster.  And farther.

And when you walk faster and farther, you lose weight.

Who knew?

Check it out!

Thing #56: I-Pod, You-Pod April 29, 2010

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We all play our i-Pods!

Heh – it took me hours to come up with that!

PhotobucketSo anyway, I think I missed the whole Personal-Music-Player era.   I don’t know.  I mean, back when I was listening to AC/DC, KISS, and REO, it was on 8-track.  And as far as I know, no one carried an 8-track player around with them.

By the time the Walkman, then the Discman, came along, well, I was less than interested in wearing headphones and carrying an entire music collection with me.

I was carrying my flute, after all.  See, I was in the band.  That, and I didn’t really have a need for a portable music player anyway.  I mean, what, listen to my tunes while I was milking the cow?

Come to think of it, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing after all, would it?

PhotobucketI kind of got dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Digital Age.  I’ve still got a box full of cassettes in the attic – and not a small box, either.  Nothing to play them on, no, but you never know.

So, when I bought the Honda, I forced to convert to CDs.  Well, I say “forced,” but not really.  I still had the radio, after all.  But I bought a few CDs for those times there was no radio reception, and it was all good.  But I’m still not gonna try carrying a CD player around.  There’s nothing I own that I can’t wait until I get home to listen to, after all.

And I’m gonna be honest.

Until Peeps got me a fancy green i-Pod for Christmas, I’d never even worn a pair of “ear buds.”  And I don’t remember ever actually wearing any kind of headphones,  either, but   (and here’s a bit more honesty for you),  some of those years are something of a blur.


So anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you these (obviously lacking) tales of my misspent youth, aren’t you?

Let’s face it.  “Getting an i-Pod” isn’t all that exciting to read about, however thrilling it might actually be in person.    And “Getting an i-Pod Four Months Ago” is, well, it’s borderline lame.

I know.

I could tell you about how (literally) five minutes after I got the i-Pod, the CD drive in my computer quit working and I ordered a new one from this online electronics store, NewEgg, and it turned out that the problem wasn’t the CD drive after all, but actually STUPID VISTA on my computer.  Or how I suddenly, out of nowhere, developed a PIMPLE inside my EAR which makes the earbuds less than comfortable.

Exciting stuff there, huh?

So I’m simply reporting that I’ve fulfilled yet another of my Things – and I’m wondering if it means anything that I’ve got four different versions of It don’t mean a thing, all by different artists, on my “Walking the Dog” playlist, and I don’t have this one?